Project Description

With Mt. Hood towering over Portland and the Columbia River it’s an iconic symbol of the Pacific Northwest. “The Mountain” is visible from most of our homes in the area, creating a constant reminder there is something more to our daily lives. Mt. Hood National Forest is packed full of just as much history as it is trees. The trails that navigate through the forest lead to high quantities of gorgeous lakes, breathtaking view points, and challenging obstacles. During the winter a lot of the trails that lead off the main roads are closed due to such large amounts of snow. The trails that aren’t closed are open season for massive snow drifts, deep ice ruts, and sometimes waking up to 6 inches of snow on the tents. Bring all the recovery gear you can and have the winches ready! Fighting mother nature mid-winter is a work out in itself. Summer months bring crystal clear lake water and birds playing in the trees. Unload your canoes and relax on a lake all day.