Project Description

During our winter trip we worked our way from snow and Ice packed Mt. Hood National Forest, to central Oregon. The terrain changes from densely packed evergreens covered in snow to high elevation hills covered in crunchy frost. When you’re this far into oregon there is nothing but dusty roads, barns and cattle guards. Home, home on the range. Small gas stations are sparse and important to top off at no matter your gas level. The gas stations are always very “back woods” with people that are friendly and welcoming. Passing ghost towns deep in the middle of nowhere with creepy histories we take back roads to beautiful hills that almost seem…. painted? With Vibrant Reds and greens from the Volcanic Rocks. With more sun than rain, the shrubbery shows it with dense stout bushes that eventually grow up to be tumbleweeds. It’s always.. peaceful when our heads hit our pillows in our tents in Central Oregon.